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First reactor delivered to GCC MTO

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Первый реактор доставлен на ГХК МТО

A unique operation to deliver the first reactor to the construction site of the MTO Gas Chemical Complex in the Bukhara region has been completed. The logistics services of the gas chemical complex and the EPC-contractor had to solve the non-trivial task of transporting over 12,000 kilometers a reactor weighing 314 tons.

The reactor, manufactured by Larsen&Toubro, was shipped from the Indian port of Khizira and by the end of January 2024, having traveled over 11,000 kilometers, was delivered to the customs post of Daut-Ata of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

By the time it passed through customs and received all the necessary documents, the logistics services had organized the special escort essential for transporting such a large and non-standard cargo.

Transportation was complicated not only by the need to take special precautions due to the size and weight of the reactor, but also because of all the infrastructure along its route, such as power and communication lines, as well as bridges and tunnels that were not designed for such loads.

Due to this, logistics services had to not only choose detour routes, but even lay temporary roads and establish river and channel crossings.

As a result, after three weeks of travel along the roads of Karakalpakstan and the Bukhara region, the Larsen&Toubro reactor was safely delivered to the construction site of the MTO Gas Chemical Complex.

The reactor became the first and so far, the largest piece of long-term manufacturing equipment to arrive at the construction site. However, in the very near future, the developers of the gas chemical complex will have to solve the problem of delivering even larger and heavier equipment, including a reactor several tens of meters long and weighing almost 500 tons.

Sourse: Press office GCC