Bunyodkor Avenue 47, Tashkent 100161, Uzbekistan

Our approaches to Sustainable Development

Our Goals

Gas Chemical Complex based on MTO technology, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, implementing the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022–2026, approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev Sh. M., and as a pioneer in the implementation of ESG principles in a long-term business development strategy, aims to become a model for enterprises throughout the region.

Our Principles

  • Strive in developing a competitive and sustainable business based on the best ESG practices and ensuring long-term value creation for the region as a whole.
  • Contribute to the formation of a responsible worldview among a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Approaches

  1. Recognizing the special role of the Gas Chemical Complex in the formation of sustainability and development of the region, our approach includes:
    • Commitment to compliance with international ESG standards
    • Implementation of the best industry ESG practices
    • Improvement of performance indicators in the field of sustainable development.
    • Increasing the positive impact of activities through innovation, services, products, interaction and investment in local communities
  2. In order to form a responsible worldview for a wide range of stakeholders, our approach is to improve the skills on sustainable development for our employees, to promote ESG awareness for stakeholders in the field of the impact of the Gas Chemical Complex. In order to promote the development of a responsible worldview, we also strive to form partnerships at the regional, state and international levels.
  3. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNCSD) aim to create a more just and sustainable world by 2030. To achieve the UNSDG, we are actively working on managing and reducing our potentially negative impact on the environment and social environment. Our approach to contributing to the achievement of the UNSDG includes planning activities at all stages of the life cycle of the Gas Chemical Complex.
    1. In terms of ensuring gender equality and promoting sustainable economic growth, we plan to:

      • Create new jobs
      • Support small and medium-sized enterprises
      • Create good working conditions
      • Strive to ensure gender equality for women
      • Assess the climate risks associated with the activities of the Gas Chemical Complex and implement measures to minimize them
      • Participate in the Green Edge program in regional programs aimed at combating climate change
    2. In regards to sustainability of energy sources, cities and settlements, understanding the importance of the enterprise as a participant in economic activity, we plan:

      • Create energy generating infrastructure from renewable energy sources
      • Involve representatives of localities in solving issues related to the impact of the enterprise on the environment and social environment
      • Ensure the connectivity of urban and rural areas.
    3. In regards to the development of partnerships both within the country and with international partners, we plan to:

      • Use the best available technologies
      • Implement scientific and technical cooperation
      • Increase exports of high-value-added products
      • Direct part of the profits to support education and send students to study at international educational institutions.
    4. In terms of the rational use of water resources, we plan to:

      • Develop and implement measures aimed at rational water use
      • Application of modern water purification technologies
      • Apply closed loops water circulation technologies.
    5. In terms of promoting the health of employees, the local population and reducing inequality, we plan to:

      • Use the latest technologies that ensure minimal impact on the environment (air, water and soil)
      • Reduce income inequality
      • Ensure equal opportunities, counteract forced labor, protect personal data, and respect labor and other fundamental human rights.
    6. In terms of measures to combat climate change, ensure the availability and rational use of water resources, we plan:

      • Develop and implement measures to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the activities of the Gas Chemical Complex
      • Assess the climate risks associated with the activities of the Gas Chemical Complex and implement measures to minimize them
      • Participate in the Green Edge regional program aimed at combating climate change.