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First reactor of GCC MTO was delivered to Uzbekistan

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Первый реактор для ГХК МТО доставлен в Узбекистан

While delivering one of the key components of the future “Flagship of the Third Renaissance,” the logistics services of GCC MTO and the EPC-contractor had to solve the difficult problem of how to deliver from India a reactor weighing over 314 tons to the construction site of the Gas Chemical Complex.

The ethylene oxide reactor of Larsen&Toubro Ltd is one of the key components of the innovative MTO Gas Chemical Complex that is currently being built in the Karakul district of the Bukhara region.

The reactor was shipped by the manufacturer on September 11, 2023 and, after loading at the port of Хаzira (Gujarat, India), covered around 11,000 km of 12,000-kilometer route, passing through the Arabian, Red, Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Black and Caspian seas.

The task of transporting the manufactured equipment was complicated by the significant dimensions of the reactor, whose length is slightly less than 20 meters and its weight exceeds 314 tons. However, the logistics services of GCC MTO and the EPC-contractor were able to find most efficient route and organize the delivery of valuable equipment in the shortest possible time.

At the moment, the reactor has been delivered to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and is on the final leg of its journey — the Daut-Ata customs post, where it is awaiting arrangement of all required documentation, as well as special escort to the construction site of the MTO Gas Chemical Complex, which is located in the Karakul district of Bukhara region.

Ethylene oxide is an important raw material used in the chemical and gas-chemical industries, including production of ethylene glycols, polyethylene glycols and ethylene glycol ethers, as well as ethanolamines.

Due to the exothermic reaction inside the tubular reactor, ethylene and oxygen are converted into ethylene oxide, and the released heat is sent to the gas cooler, where it is used to produce steam, which is also involved in the production process, and ethylene glycol obtained from ethylene oxide will be used in subsequent technological cycles of the gas chemical complex for the production of polyethylene terephthalate.

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