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Gas Chemical Complex products

PET is a thermoplastic polymer that is the most common among polyesters. PET is characterized by transparency, high strength, good plasticity (both in a heated and cold state), chemical resistance.

Technologies used at the GCC provide very attractive capital and operating costs for the production of textile and bottle PET.

Textile type

PET fabric has a truly wide range of application. T-shirts, shorts, ties, hats, umbrellas, raincoats, trousers, outerwear, coats, jackets and many other clothes are made from it.

One of the features of polyester is its ability to “remember” its shape when heated. This property is widely used by fashion designers when creating pleated clothes, for example, skirts. Other designers also take advantage of this, creating exquisite curtains for the windows.

Bottle type

The bottle type of PET is widely used due to a number of advantages: it is non-toxic, has no effect on the taste of products, is odorless, completely transparent, has high strength, high tightness, stable viscosity and is easy to process.

Having unique composition and production technology, this polymer gives excellent insulating properties, good pressure resistance and figurability.

Polyethylene terephthalate application

Floor coverings
  • – mats
  • – base layer
  • – carpets
Shoes production
  • – summer shoes
  • – orthopedic shoes
  • – tread
Sport equipment
  • – mats
  • – bandages
  • – yoga blocks

Global consumption and production plan

Sales plan
Production volume — 200 ktpa
  • Uzbekistan — 100%
Global consumption, k ton
Global consumption in 2018 — 3 mln ton